The Saronic Gulf and Eastern Peloponnesus

The Saronic Gulf and Eastern Peloponnesus

The Saronic Gulf and Eastern Peloponnesus Six islands lie between the Attic Peninsula and the Peloponnese, all of which have a completely different character. Poros, for example, with its cubical, white houses. Hydra on the other hand, is a rough, urban and genuine beauty provided its crescent- shaped harbour. Spétses attracts with its beaches and its flavoursome smelling pine forests. Whilst, Aegina with its ancient temple of Aphaia offers a great spectacle. Dokos is uninhabited due to its wild nature whereas Salamis being one of the biggest Greek island of the Saronic Gulf is inhabited, and located a mere two kilometres away from the coast of Piraeus (Athens).

Yet almost everybody keeps sailing away, towards the beautiful Hydra (an anchor stop in Ormos Mandraki, almost a nautical mile east of the Chora) or until Poros where you can moor your yacht and enjoy the shadow of the numerous blue domes. Or even until the busy and lively Athens.
Yet, you should by all means head towards the coast of eastern Peloponnese, for example Kyparissi, a beautiful scenic bay, which is surrounded by high mountains. The small harbour bay called Gerakas, which is surrounded by high ochre yellow rocks. There is a myriad of bays and harbours, which are worth wandering across in the eastern bank of the Peloponnese and Saronic islands – distant and enchanted, picturesque, lively and ancient destinations.

The Saronic Gulf and Eastern Peloponnesus

  • Weather & Wind

    The Saronic Gulf and the eastern Peloponnese are much less affected by the strong winds of the Aegean Sea, usually one barely even feels the Meltemi wind (north east, around 4 Beaufort). At the east coast of the Peloponnese however, some unexpected gusts may occur ranging from 6 to 7 Beaufort. During the Meltemi pause period, the wind blows usually from a southern direction during the afternoon and between 3 and 5 Beaufort, whereas in the evening the winds become much weaker.


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Saronic Gulf: 7 days itinerary

Departure: Athens
Distance: 131 Nautical miles

Day 1: Yacht take over
Day 2: Athens - Aegina (18 nm)
Day 3: Aegina - Angistri - Poros (21 nm)
Day 4: Poros - Hydra (12 nm)
Day 5: Hydra - Nisis Dokos - Spetsai (17 nm
Day 6: Spetsai - Tselevinia - Perdika (Aegina) (41 nm
Day 7: Perdika (Aegina) - Athens (22 nm
Day 8: Yacht return