St. Martin

A sailing trip in the Caribbean is based on the northeastern part of this paradise island,
Caribbean’s most popular sailing destination. Windwards Islands, stretching from
Grenada to Martinique. The islands in the north are more in read, and therefore the British called them for the Leeward Islands.
Some of the islands included are Guadeloupe, Antigua, Nevis, St. Kitts, St. Barts, Anguilla.

Sailing in the Caribbean starting from St. Martin you sail on the most beautiful places in our planet.
This trip among the most beautiful islands in East Caribbean is followed by spectacular diving and snorkeling. Excellent bars, restaurants and live music.
Our base here is located in Port De Plaisance’s luxurious marina surrounded by tropical gardens and overlooking the blue-green water, with five restaurants Casino and a state-of-the-art spa & health club.

  • Weather and Wind

    Trade winds usually blow from Northeast to East November to Mars and East to South East april to october, ranging from 10 to 25 knots. They are the most intense north of the Equatorial Stream, is not a factor except when intensified at the edge of some islands. The tidal current is weak due to the low water area of about 1.5 feet.

    Leeward Islands has one of the most beautiful climate conditions in the whole of the Caribbean, with average temperatures of about 26 ° C.


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The Caribbean: 14 days itinerary

Departure: St. Martin
Distance: 259 Nautical miles
Day 1: Yacht take over
Day 2: Simpson Bay - Little Bay - Great Bay (4 nm)
Day 3: Great Bay - Wells Bay (Saba) (25 nm)
Day 4: Wells Bay - Basseterre (St. Kitts) (38 nm)
Day 5: Basseterre - White House Bay (4 nm)
Day 6: White House Bay - Charlestown (Nevis) (11 nm)
Day 7: Charlestown (Nevis) - Little Bay (Monserrat) (35 nm)
Day 8: Little Bay - Gustavia (St. Barths) (81 nm)
Day 9: Gustavia - Anse de Colombier - Ile de Fourche (6 nm)
Day 10: Ile de Fourche - Pinel Island (St. Martin) (11 nm)
Day 11: Pinel Island - Road Bay (Anguilla) (20 nm)
Day 12: Road Bay - Prickley Pear Cays + Sandy Island -
Crocus Bay (Anguilla) (13 nm)
Day 13: Crocus Bay - Marigot (St. Martin) (13 nm)
Day 14: Marigot - Simpson Bay (11 nm)
Day 15: Yacht return