After a first bath stop at the sandy beach bay Cala di Volpe, you can head to Porto Cervo, the picturesque and rich harbour, where the international Jetset meets. Or perhaps Cannigione, a lively small place with a yacht harbour in the midst of a lively, green environment. Next stop: the small fishing village Porto Palma on the island of Caprera. Then, from here it is recommended to head towards the urban Marina next to La Maddalena, the capital of the archipelago with its Palazzi from the 18th century, its narrow streets and its steep stairways. There is also a wide variety of beaches and bays in the natural park of the Maddalena archipelago, almost tailor made to moor and take a swim. Like Stagno Torto (in the north of La Maddalena), the Cala Santa Maria on the island with the same name, and above all: the Cala Coticcio at the eastern side of Caprera, one of the most beautiful bays of the entire area.

  • Weather & Wind

    The common summer time mild north west winds can reach up to 5 or 6 Beaufort in
    the streets of Bonifacio (between the north of Sardinia and the south end of Corsica), the
    strait is a windy region with a nozzle effect. The temperatures in summer time usually reaches
    up to about 40 degrees. The off-season is predominantly mild and quiet, sometimes also
    inconsistant – you have to count with rainfalls and strong wind as well


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Sardinia: 7 days itinerary

Departure: Portisco
Distance: 97 Nautical miles

Day 1: Yacht take over
Day 2: Portisco - Cala di Volpe - Cannigione (19 nm)
Day 3: Cannigione - Cala Spalmatore -La Maddalena (15 nm)
Day 4: La Maddalena - Isola Santa Maria - Bonifacio (Korsika) (20 nm)
Day 5: Bonifacio - Lavezzi - Teresa di Gallura (14 nm)
Day 6: Teresa di Gallura - Cala Coticcio - Porto Cervo (22 nm)
Day 7: Porto Cervo - Portisco (8 nm)
Day 8: Yacht return