Gulf of Naples, Amalfi coast

Gulf of Naples, Amalfi coast

The renowned Amalfi Coast, found on the Unesco World Heritage Site, has become famous for its beauty and its charming little towns. It is one of Europe’s most spectacular coastlines, located just south of Naples, between Sorrento and Salerno.
Agropoli, the Cilento coast’s pearl whose geographical location is between Capo Campanella (Sorrento) and Capo Palinuro. Is an ideal starting point for sailing trips in the Cilento coast and the Gulf of Naples that is famous for its natural beauty.

Gulf of Naples, Amalfi coast

  • Weather Conditions in the Area

    The normal summer winds are from the North West . There may also be winds from the North East.


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Italy - Agropoli: 7 days itinerary

Total distance 141 nautical miles approximately
Departure Agropoli

1st day: Embarkation
2nd day: Agropoli - Amalfi (24 nm)
3rd day: Amalfi - Sorrento (20 nm)
4th day: Sorrento - Ischia (20 nm)
5th day: Ischia - Capri (18 nm)
6th day: Capri - Acciaroli (43 nm)
7th day: Acciaroli - Agropoli (16 nm)
8th day: Disembarkation
Italy - Agropoli: 14 days itinerary

Departure Agropoli
Total distance 362 nautical miles approximately

1st day: Embarkation
2nd day: Agropoli - Marina di Camerota (30 nm)
3rd day: Marina di Camerota - Cetraro (43 nm)
4th day: Cetraro - Tropea (50 nm)
5th day: Tropea - Lipari (45 nm)
6th day: Lipari - Vulcano (4 nm)
7th day: Vulcano - Filicudi (16 nm)
8th day: Filicudi - Salina (14 nm)
9th day: Salina - Panarea (13 nm)
10th day: Panarea - Stromboli (13 nm)
11th day: Stromboli - Cetraro (52 nm)
12th day: Cetraro - Maratea (31 nm)
13th day: Maratea - Palinuro (22 nm)
14th day: Palinuro - Agropoli (30 nm)
15th day: Disembarkation