Everyone who gets captivated with this sea, is because one of the small, dreamy bays as well as the ancient sites closeby. Between Marmaris and Finike, located almost 100 nautical miles away, you will see more bays and small harbours, if you decide to take a two week cruise. However, some are included to the standard cruise plan, like the anchor harbour Ekincik Limani, from which you can take a trip and see the Dalyan delta and the Lycian rock tombs in Caunos. The beautiful, mountainous scenery of Göcek, has now become very popular among the sailors. And the Gulf of Fethiye, which is only 30 nautical miles wide, with its 30 round islands and more than 100 anchorages has become an attraction, and of course Fethiye itself. At some point, at the back of your sail boat you will suddenly see the picturesque Ölü Deniz appearing – a rugged rock scenery surrounded by turquoise water and a white, sandy headland.

The entrance in the salt-water lake at the back is unfortunately no longer permitted to yachts. For that reason you should definitely visit Kalkans safe harbour, which is overgrown with Macchia and olive trees. Here you will find magical places to cast your anchor, sometimes under the shadow of ancient columns.

  • Weather & Wind

    The summer wind Meltemi, that controls the area at the west of Marmaris, blows here very
    mildly (from a west or a north-west direction), mainly towards the east side. Around noon
    though, it is very possible to feel in that area some thermal winds. During off-season, you may
    experience some bad weather conditions due to the north-west wind, Lodos.


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Turkey: 14 days itinerary

Departure: Göcek
Distance: 240 Nautical miles
Day 1: Yacht take over
Day 2: Göcek - Kücük Sarsala (10 nm)
Day 3: Kücük Sarsala - Bestas (18 nm)
Day 4: Bestas - Kalkan (35 nm)
Day 5: Kalkan - Kas (18 nm)
Day 6: Excursion to Church of St. Nicolaus in Demre or to
Greek Island Kastelhorizo (5 nm)
Day 7: Kas - Karaloz (Kekova) (26 nm)
Day 8: Karaloz - Kale (8 nm)
Day 9: Kale - Kalkan (22 nm)
Day 10: Kalkan - Karacaören in Gemiler Reede (40 nm)
Day 11: Gemiler Reede - Manastir (14 nm)
Day 12: Manastir - Fethiye (13 nm)
Day 13: Fethiye - Kapi (12 nm)
Day 14: Kapi - Boynuz Bükü or Tomb Bay (12/13 nm)
Day 15: Boynuz Bükü - Göcek (6 nm)