Dodecanese – stands for “12 islands” but in reality there exist 16; all of which are worth a visit. Kos for example has numerous attributes: a modern marina, white, sandy beaches, ancient mountain villages and lastly the famous plane tree (Platane) of Hippocrates. Under this decrepit, aged tree, it is said that almost two and a half thousands of years ago the ancient Greek hatched their formulas.

One should also stop on Kalymnos, the island that owns its wealthiness to – believe it or not- sponges. On the island of Patmos one can enjoy beaches with both sand and pebbles and of course on the volcanic island, Nisyros, one can admire the astonishing 700 meter long volcaninc craters! As a sailor you should also moor on the quiet and peaceful island of Tilos.

Yet anyone who wishes to come back from Tilos, they miss the best part: Symi, at the extreme end of the Dodecanese and no more than four nautical miles away from the Turkish coast. Symi, with probably the most beautiful natural harbours in the entire Aegean and its small noble manor-houses, which in white, yellow and lilac colour combinations climb up the hill. From here you may only take up the way back – and between myths, volcanoes and past wealth sail back to Kos or Rhodes.

  • Weather & Wind

    During spring and autumn the wind blows usually in a south-east direction with an average of 2 to 4 Beaufort (with the exception of course of minor weather slumps). During midsummer, the north wind Meltemi often emerges also in the Dodecanese – usually with 4 to 5 Beaufort, however it can sometimes become stronger and longer compared to the three usual days (see also Wind & Weather in Cyclades).


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Dodecanese: 14 days itinerary

Departure: Kos
Distance: 312 Nautical miles

Day 1: Yac ht take over
Day 2: Kos - Pserimos - Ormos Kalymnou (Kalymnos) (16 nm)
Day 3: Ormos Kalymnou - Xerokampos - Lakki (Leros) (22 nm)
Day 4: Lakki - Lipso (Island Lipso) (14 nm)
Day 5: Lipso - Arki - Skala Patmos (Patmos) (17 nm)
Day 6: Skala Patmos - Ormos Levitha (Levitha) (23 nm)
Day 7: Ormos Levitha - Kephalos (Kos) (37 nm)
Day 8: Kephalos - Paloi (Nissiros) (12 nm)
Day 9: Paloi - Ormos Leivadia (Tilos) (18 nm)
Day 10: Ormos Leivadia - Rhodos (Rhodos) (42 nm)
Day 11: Rhodos - Lindos (Kos) (23 nm)
Day 12: Lindos - Symi (Symi)(48 nm)
Day 13: Symi
Day 14: Symi - Kos (40 nm)
Day 15: Yacht return