This pensinsula would also be the ideal place to head to different destinations, like towards the north to the gulf of Mandalya,or head to Gökova Körfezi and the peninsula Resadiye, which emerges at the south part of the area.This particular, almost unpopulated, narrow space, that stretches to the sea, is one of the most beautiful sceneries of the whole Aegean sea. On these particular protected bays pine trees, incense trees, cypresses and juniper berries grow up to just before the sea. Particularly beautiful is the Amazon Fjord and the Kargibük Limani, the ideal, protected hiding place.We recommend though that you visit Knidos, on the west corner, and enjoy its natural harbour and the leftovers of ancient culture. Not to be missed is also the peninsula Resadiye, with Datca, where you can still sense a bit of the charm offered by an oriental fish town. As well as bays like Keci Bükü and Dirsek Bükü. In addition: Very close to each of these isolated bays you will find at least one restaurant, most of which offer also a place to moor your sail boat and enjoy typical, traditional food.

  • Weather & Wind

    During summer the northern wind Meltemi blows usually at noon and sleeps again in the evening. In May and in June the wind blows with a power of 3 to 4 Beaufort, whereas in July and August reaches its maximum. At that period the sky might at times become blue and the wind might reach up 6 to 7 Beaufort. The Meltemi wind weakens again in September and October. Between Kos and Bodrum the wind comes from a northern direction, whereas on the south side comes mainly from a western direction.


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Turkey: 7 days itinerary

Departure: Bodrum
Distance: 171 Nautical miles
Day 1: Yacht take over
Day 2: Bodrum - Datca (44 nm)
Day 3: Datca - Knidos (21 nm)
Day 4: Knidos - Yedi Adalar (Seven Islands) (37 nm)
Day 5: Yedi Adalar - Sehir Adalari (Cleopatra Island) -
Karacasögüt (19 nm)
Day 6: Karacasögüt - Cökertme (20 nm)
Day 7: Cökertme - Yaliciftlik - Bodrum (30 nm)
Day 8: Yacht return